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The Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher.

A GPLd flashing utility for the Nokia Internet Tablets (n770, n800, n810)

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$ 0xFFFF -h
0xFFFF v0.3 // The Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher
 -b [arg] boots the kernel with arguments
 -c console prompt mode
 -C [/dev/mtd] check bad blocks on mtd
 -d [vid:pid] injects a usb device into the supported list
 -D [0|1|2] sets the root device to flash (0), mmc (1) or usb (2)
 -e [path] dump and extract pieces to path
 -f <flags> set the given RD flags (see '-f help')
 -F [fiasco] flash a fiasco firmware image
 -h show this help message
 -H [file] calculate hash for file
 -i show device information (let standby mode)
 -I [piece] identify a firmware piece
 -l, -L list supported usb device ids
 -p [[p%]file] piece-of-firmware % file-where-this-piece-is
 -r [0|1] disable/enable R&D mode
 -R reboot the omap board
 -s [serial] serial port console (minicom like terminal)
 -u [fiasco] unpack target fiasco image
 -U [0|1] disable/enable the usb host mode
 -v be verbose and noisy
 -V show 0xFFFF version information
 -x extract configuration entries from /dev/mtd1
Pieces are: xloader secondary kernel initfs rootfs omap-nand