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Where to download?
 Stable version:

 Development version:

Default users

How to install packages?
  # pkg update
  # pkg install [pkgname]

How to run programs as root?
  In [Open]Solaris there's no sudo, but you have pfexec which setups
  the user profile to match administration roles for example.

  See /etc/security/exec_attr, profiles(1) and roles(1)

How to trace programs in solaris?
  ptrace is slow and easily trickable, in Solaris there's DTrace
  and truss which comes from BSD.

  'truss' is the Solaris/BSD version of 'strace'

  dtrace allows fine-grained and programatic tracing

How to create users?
  export USER=fluendo
  useradd -s /bin/bash -R root -P "Basic Solaris User" -P "All" -m -d /export/home/$USER $USER
  passwd $USER

How to disable speaker?
  It is quite anoying to get beeps at every <tab>..so just type:

  $ xset b 0

  pkg install SUNWbison SUNWbinutils SUNWgcc SUNWgawk SUNWgdb SUNWgmake \
  SUNWgnu-diffutils SUNWgnu-coreutils SUNWgnu-automake-110 SUNWgnu-automake-19 \
  SUNWgnu-gettext SUNWgsed SUNWhal SUNWsvn gcc-dev SUNWgnome-common-devel

  Other recommended packages are:

  pkg install SUNWgit SUNWmercurial SUNWvim ...

  NOTE that there's a bug in the gcc 4 package which fails to compile GStreamer, it is
  recommeneded to use gcc3 until they upgrade the package.

  NOTE that autopoint package is not installed, I already opened a bug, and looks like
  it is already fixed in development version (next release will be ok), but until this
  get fixed is mandatory to manually install autopoint from sources.