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Here's my page dedicated to the Vala language.

DiaCanvas Vala Interface

- diacanvas2.vapi
- diatest.vala
- screenshot

Developed tools

- v.pl - a tool to resolve classes and methods from commandline.

Note that this tool is written in perl. It's planned to be rewritten in Vala using its own parser.

You will have to manually change the variable @dirs defined at the begging of
the script to point to the vapi/ directory.

Usage example:
$ v.pl
class About : Gtk.Dialog
class App : Gtk.Window
class AppBar : Gtk.HBox
class Client : Gtk.Object
class ColorPicker : Gtk.Button

$ v.pl Flow
class Flow
 static weak string get_name (Gst.FlowReturn ret);
 static GLib.Quark to_quark (Gst.FlowReturn ret);