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CrackMe // PCME series

pcme0: download

Last update: 2007-08-31

  PCME ( stands for Pancakes Crack Millenium Edition )

 Welcome to the first crackme of the pcme series.

 I will try to periodically publish crackmes for GNU/Linux.
 Just let me know what do you think about the techniques
 used in this crackme.

 So, providing a paper explaining how did you get the
 password, tools used, how to patch a piece, of it, etc..
 you will receive a certain amount of points.

 Invalid reports will be banned with -50 points.
 So, take care ;)

 Social engineering questions are accepted too.

 The 2 first people achieving a certain "quest" will receive
 the double of points.

 It is not valid to replace huge amount of code, only small
 patches will be accepted.

 This rank will be publicly updated on this README and the
 end time will be at the end of the year. Then I'll make
 public all the papers and explanations you have sent me.

 The points are:

 100 - patch antidbg binary patches and explanation
 200 - patch fuckers fix console hang when ^C
 200 - code map a global pseudo-code of the whole program
 200 - explain algo explain the cipher algorithm used for the password
 300 - optimize program reduce code and cleanup the execution path)
 300 - patch always ok make the program accept all the passwords
 500 - extract password extract correct password
 Send me a email with your questions to update the FAQ section.

  pancake 6) youterm .) com



 Have fun!

 PD: Never expect these points become money or whatever. They
 are just _points_ :)

 Osu Tatakae! Sexy Pandas!