Chapter 18: Rahash

The it is quite easy to calculate a hash checksum of the current block using the '#' command.

Change the block size, seek to the interesting offset and calculate the md5 of it.

$ radare /bin/ls
[0x08048000]> s section._text
[0x08049790]> b section._text_end-section._text
[0x08049790]> #md5

In the same way you can also calculate other hashing algorithms that are supported by 'rahash': md4, md5, crc16, crc32, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512, par, xor, xorpair, mod255, hamdist, entropy, all.

The '#' command can accept a numeric argument to define the length in bytes to be hashed.

[0x08049A80]> #md5 32
[0x08049A80]> #md5 64
[0x08049A80]> #md5 1024