1.6 Commandline flags

The core accepts multiple flags from the command line to change some configuration or start with different options.

Here's the help message:

$ radare -h
radare [options] [file]
  -s [offset]      seek to the desired offset (cfg.seek)
  -b [blocksize]   change the block size (512) (cfg.bsize)
  -i [script]      interpret radare or ruby/python/perl/lua script
  -p [project]     load metadata from project file
  -l [plugin.so]   link against a plugin (.so or .dll)
  -e [key=val]     evaluates a configuration string
  -d [program|pid] debug a program. same as --args in gdb
  -f               set block size to fit file size
  -L               list all available plugins
  -w               open file in read-write mode
  -x               dump block in hexa and exit
  -n               do not load ~/.radarerc and ./radarerc
  -v               same as -e cfg.verbose=false
  -V               show version information
  -u               unknown size (no seek limits)
  -h               this help message