12.3 radapy

The radapy is the python implementation for the radare remote protocol. This module is distributed in the scripts/ directory of radare. For better understanding, here's an example:

$ cat scripts/radapy-example.py
import radapy
from string import *

PORT = 9999

def fun_system(str):
        print "CURRENT SEEK IS %d"%radapy.offset
        return str

def fun_open(file,flags):
        return str

def fun_seek(off,type):
        return str

def fun_write(buf):
        print "WRITING %d bytes (%s)"%(len(buf),buf)
        return 6

def fun_read(len):
        print "READ %d bytes from %d\n"% (len, radapy.offset)
        str = "patata"
        str = str[radapy.offset:]
        return str

#radapy.handle_cmd_close = fun_close
radapy.handle_cmd_system = fun_system
radapy.handle_cmd_read = fun_read
radapy.handle_cmd_write = fun_write
radapy.size = 10

radapy.listen_tcp (PORT)

As you see, you just need to implement the 'read' command and all the rest will mostly work. Here's a shorter implementation for immunity debugger:

import immlib
import radapy

def fun_read(len):
    return immlib.Debugger().readMemory(radapy.offset, len)

radapy.handle_cmd_read = fun_read
radapy.listen_tcp ( 9999 )

For the other side you just have to connect a radare to this port to get the fun:

$ radare connect://