2.1 Colors

The console access is wrapped by an API that permits to show the output of any command as ANSI, w32 console or HTML (more to come ncurses, pango, ...) this allows the core to be flexible enought to run on limited environments like kernels or embedded devices allowing us to get the feedback from the application in our favourite format.

To start, we'll enable the colors by default in our rc file:

$ echo 'e scr.color=true' >> ~/.radarerc

There's a tree of eval variables in scr.pal. to define the color palette for every attribute printed in console:

[0x465D8810]> e scr.pal.
scr.pal.prompt = yellow
scr.pal.default = white
scr.pal.changed = green
scr.pal.jumps = green
scr.pal.calls = green
scr.pal.push = green
scr.pal.trap = red
scr.pal.cmp = yellow
scr.pal.ret = red
scr.pal.nop = gray
scr.pal.metadata = gray
scr.pal.header = green
scr.pal.printable = bwhite
scr.pal.lines0 = white
scr.pal.lines1 = yellow
scr.pal.lines2 = bwhite
scr.pal.address = green
scr.pal.ff = red
scr.pal.00 = white
scr.pal.7f = magenta

If you think these default colors are not correct for any reason. Ping me and i'll change it.