23.1 Greetings

I would like to greet some drugs, drinks and people that shared his life with mine during the development of radare and this book.

- God. aka Flying Spaguetti Monster

- Nibble (ELF32/64 and PE parser+lot of bugfixes and core work)

- ora8 (w32 port debugger, syscallproxying, hw breakpoints..)

- nopcode guys (for the cons and

- Sexy Pandas (let's pwn the plugs!)

- 48bits (keep up the good work)

- Gerardo (ideas and tips for the book)

- pof (for the crackme tutorial and usability tips)

- Esteve (search engine+some code graph stuff)

- revenge (OSX debugger+mach0 work)

- Lia (4teh luf :)

I hope you guys did enjoyed the book, the soft, the hard, the weed and the smoke.

Spread the dword and don't let the bytes grind you down!

Have fun!