RSoC Crowdfunding

We are again hosting the Radare Summer of Code in 2016!

The radare maintainers have selected the features that users have been asking for, and anyone can volunteer to help us complete a task!

We are looking forward to work with you, and need funding to provide bounties for completed tasks.


We will be accepting project proposals until June 13, 2016. Send us an email at to apply. Here is the template of application (same as we've used for GSoC).

For more information about available tasks see: Be careful to not to choose tasks already accepted in Google Summer of Code!



You can donate to the crowdfunding program using paypal or bitcoin. We will use this money to pay contributors for completed tasks. The collected amounts will be public. Any unused money will go towards future "Summer of Codes" or other costs to the project.

Contributors will receive their money in their preferred currency. The organizers will work to convert the donations to your preferred local or digital currency. We are hoping to raise $20000 , with a goal of providing 4 selected participants with $5000 each.

Current amounts

Euros: 0 / 20000 USD
Bitcoin: 0 / 0 BTC

Donate at IndieGoGo!