Disassembler, debugger and hexadecimal editor

Multiarchitecture and multiplatform frontend for reverse engineering

This is actually under development.

Binary downloads:

- code widget test
- get/

Based on libr (aka radare2 codebase):

- www.radare.org


When will the downloads be available?

   When the software gets an almost working state. Actually it's just a draft

Is this a new debugger?

   Technically it is based on libr, which is the codebase of radare2 which is LGPL'd. The debugger api of libr is completely modular and pluggable, you can change in runtime the debugger/emulator engine and it uses its own debugger.

Definetily, this is just a frontend?

   Not at all. Describing ragui as a simple frontend of radare2 is an incomplete description :) I would think on it as a mix between ida, ollydbg and encase.

Which platforms do you plan to support?

   As the core is portable, ragui will run on all the supported target platforms that supports GTK+. This is Windows(R), MacOSX and Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD/Solaris

Which architectures?

   The gui will be targetted for powerpc, intel (32, 64) and arm. But as being a modular debugger/hexeditor it permits to attach to remote boxes thru network links or system pipes, so, sparc, m68k, java, msil, etc.. will be also supported as target platforms

What about scripting?

   libr is a complete refactoring of radare1 in a set of libraries. There are bindings for Vala code, but certainly, parrot and python will be supported. So think that you will be able to script ragui in any imaginable scripting language from inside or outside the gui in batch mode.

What about plugins?

   The new core design allows any element of the infrastructure to be externalized as a plugin. Just drop your plugins in ~/.radare/plugins and let the beast run :)

User comments

  -Zomfg this is the most fucking awesome interface I have ever seen. - Anonymous